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Creating a Multicolumn Document
How much space do you want to leave between columns?
Do you want your columns to be of equal widths or varied widths?
Will you include a table of contents column that might require more space than a
traditional text column?
Do you want the column settings to extend the full length of the page, or do you
want to include a section at the top or bottom of the page that is only a single
Table 6-1 Default Column Widths in Word 2010
Number of
Width of Each Column
Width of Each Column (Inches)
6 inches
15.24 cm
2.75 inches with 0.5-inch spacing
6.98 cm
1.67 inches with 0.5-inch spacing
4.23 cm
1.13 inches with 0.5-inch spacing
2.86 cm
0.8 inches with 0.5-inch spacing
2.03 cm
0.58 inches with 0.5-inch spacing
1.48 cm
If you know you’re going to create a multicolumn document, the easiest way to begin
is by looking through the Word templates. Word gives you access to a huge collection
of template styles from which you can likely find a ready-made column arrangement
that its your needs.
Creating a Multicolumn Document
Creating columns is really a simple task, but it does require a little forethought. First, do
you plan to create multiple columns for the entire document or for a section, page, or
paragraph? The following sections show you how to create columns first for the full document,
then for parts of a document, and finally for selected text only.
You can create columns several different ways. The easiest method is to simply click the
Columns button in the Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab and choose the number
of columns you want to create. If you have certain specifications—for example, exact
column measurements, a spacing requirement of a certain size, or more than four columns—
use the Columns dialog box to choose those settings.
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