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Creating a Multicolumn Document
Be sure to display your document in Print Layout view before you begin working with
columns. In Draft view, Web Layout view, and Outline view, you won’t see the columns
as they will appear in print. Click the view control you want to use on the right side of
the status bar to change the view.
Using the Columns Tool
The easiest way to create a multicolumn document is to click Columns in the Page Setup
group on the Page Layout tab. When you click the button, the choice of one to three
columns is presented, as shown in Figure 6-10. In addition to the choice of one to three
columns, you can choose a column style (narrow column on the left or right) from the
available choices. Click the column setting you want, and Word will automatically update
the layout in your document.
If you want to create columns for only a portion of a document, select the text to
which you want to apply the column format before you click the Columns button.
Figure 6-10 Using the Columns gallery, you can select up to three columns from the Standard
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