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Creating a Multicolumn Document
Choosing Column Specs in the Columns Dialog Box
If you want to create your columns to meet certain specifications—for example, you’re
creating a follow-up report using a style your department has adopted as its report format of
choice—you can create and work with columns settings by using the Columns dialog box.
Here’s how:
1. On the Page Layout tab, click Columns in the Page Setup group.
2. Click More Columns at the bottom of the Columns gallery to display the Columns
dialog box.
3. Click the column format you want to use.
The Preview section shows you the format you’ve selected, as shown in Figure 6-11.
4. Enter the new values for the column.
After you click outside the box, the Preview window updates to reflect your changes.
5. Continue changing columns and any other settings as needed in the Columns
dialog box.
Figure 6-11 You can enter specific column settings in the Columns dialog box.
6. Click OK to apply your formatting.
By default, Word assumes that you want your columns to be of equal widths (unless you
choose either the Left or Right preset selection) and that you don’t want a line to be placed
between the columns you create. If you want to add a line between columns, select the Line
Between check box; Word will add the appropriate line.
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