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Creating Unequal Column Widths
To create a mixed format, follow these steps:
1. Type the opening paragraph with the document set to single-column format.
2. Click to position the pointer where you want to create columns. On the Page Layout
tab, click Columns in the Page Setup group.
3. Click More Columns to display the Columns dialog box.
4. Choose the number of columns you want and enter any spacing specifications as
5. Select the Line Between check box if you want a line to be displayed between
6. Click the Apply To arrow and choose This Point Forward, then click OK to close the
Columns dialog box and return to the document.
Creating Unequal Column Widths
Although Word automatically sets a number of options for you in the Columns dialog box,
you can change those options to create columns that suit your exact document
specifications. By choosing the Left or Right preset format, you can tell Word to create columns
of unequal width. When you choose the Left preset format, the column to the left will be
smaller than the one to the right; when you choose the Right preset, the right column will
be the smaller one.
To customize column widths using the Columns dialog box, follow these steps:
1. Choose Columns in the Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab and then click
More Columns to display the Columns dialog box.
2. Click in the Number Of Columns box and type the number of columns you want to
3. Clear the Equal Column Width check box; the Width settings will become available so
that you can customize the settings, as shown in Figure 6-13.
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