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Changing Column Width on the Ruler
Figure 6-13 Use the Columns dialog box to specify the width and spacing for unequal
4. Modify the Width And Spacing settings for your columns to get the effect you want.
The Preview section shows the result of your choices.
5. Click OK to save your choices and return to the document.
Changing Column Width on the Ruler
You can also change the width of columns by dragging the column margins on the ruler
at the top of your work area. If you want to keep the spacing the same between columns,
position the pointer at the center of the spacing bar. When the pointer changes to a
double-headed arrow, move the spacing bar in the direction you want to change the
column. For example, to make the left column narrower, drag the spacing bar to the left. To
make the left column wider, drag the spacing bar to the right. If you want to resize the
columns to a precise measurement, press and hold the Alt key while you drag the spacing bar
(see Figure 6-14).
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