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Removing Column Breaks
Figure 6-16 You can force a column break to begin entering text at the top of the next
In the Page Breaks section, click Column.
You are returned to the document, and Word adds a Column break at the insertion point.
The text in the column past that point will be wrapped to the top of the next column.
Removing Column Breaks
In Word, you can delete columns as easily as you add them. They can be removed simply
by removing a character—just position the insertion point immediately following a break
and press Backspace (or select the break itself and press Delete). The column break is
removed and the text is lowed back into the previous column.
What’s Next?
This chapter covered some of the basics you need to consider as you begin to design your
document. Thinking through your design, setting up the background, and choosing the
column format you want to use are fundamental for the design of the rest of your
document. In the next chapter, you focus on adding, importing, and leveraging the content you
add to your Word 2010 documents.
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