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Ways You Can Reuse Content in Word 2010
Ways You Can Reuse Content in Word 2010
Word 2010 is designed to help you create, share, and repurpose your content easily, no
matter which type of output you want to produce. Here are a few of the features that help
you reuse content you create:
Templates offer you a wide range of professionally-designed formats to apply.
Building blocks enable you to save and build your own galleries of reusable content.
You can publish your documents easily to your SharePoint or Windows Live account
so that others with the necessary permissions can access and use the content.
You can attach an XML schema and use XML tags in your file to mark specific content
blocks for easy use in other XML-based formats.
You can easily share content from your document as a blog post, in your OneNote
notebooks, and in social media sites.
In addition to all these ways of using content, you can also produce multiple documents
and share them by e-mail, in shared server space, face-to-face via printouts, and as
downloads on your Web site. If you can envision it, chances are that you can create it and share it
using tools already available to you in Word 2010.
Entering Text
The easiest—but perhaps not the most efficient—way to add content to your new Word
document is to type it on the blank page. Depending on your typing skills and how much
you have to say, typing can take a little or a lot of your time. And once you type the
content, you need to do things such as run the spelling checker, check the grammar, add in any
necessary translations, check the punctuation, and pass it around for review.
And that’s just the beginning.
But still, original content is a valuable commodity, and if you have the time to create
something from scratch, that’s great. But think in terms of reusability—how many different ways
can this content be used? You should consider every document you create to be recyclable
for maximum benefit and efficiency.
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