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Ink for Everyone
With Word 2010, you can drag content directly into your document from other files you’re
working on. For example, you might:
Highlight catalog copy from another document and drag that content into your
existing document
Select a range of cells in a worksheet and drag them into your Word file
Choose slide text on a PowerPoint slide and drag it into your Word document
Drag highlighted text from an Outlook e-mail message into your open Word file
You can, of course, simply copy and paste information from any number of programs and
Web pages into your Word files as well. (Just ensure that you either revise the content to
reflect your own words or you have the necessary permissions from the copyright holders
before you make that document publicly available.)
Ink for Everyone
If you’ve been using a Tablet PC or have a drawing tablet (like the Wacom Bamboo), you
might enjoy going back and forth between keyboard and tablet. Word 2010 includes
improvements in the ink department; now you can choose from a greater number of pens
and enjoy more support for a variety of ink functions.
But will you want to use ink to add content to your Word documents? Absolutely! If you
think better with a pen in your hand, you can write out your ideas in long-hand, and Word
2010 will translate them into text you can use on your page (see Figure 7-1). You can then
copy, paste, format, and edit as normal.
Importing Documents
One easy way to add volumes of content to your new document is to use the Text From File
command in Word 2010. You’ll find it in the Text group on the Insert tab. The process goes
like this:
1. Click to position the cursor at the point where you want to insert the text file.
2. On the Insert tab, click Object in the Text group.
3. Choose Text From File.
In the Insert File dialog box, navigate to the file you want to add, click it, and then
click Insert (see Figure 7-2). The file is added in the document at the cursor position.
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