Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Inserting Building Blocks
Use citations, footnotes, and endnotes to give readers additional information or
links to relevant sources. See Chapter 10, “Editing, Proofing, and Using Reference
Tools,” to learn how to use these reference tools.
Add bookmarks to help readers easily move to key points in your document.
Chapter 8, “Navigating Your Document,” includes information on bookmarking
your file.
Generate an index to give readers a detailed way to find specific words and
phrases in your document. Chapter 23 covers the ins and outs of indexing.
Inserting Building Blocks
Another smart way to add content to your Word document is to create and insert building
blocks. A bulding block is a segment of ready-made content that you can add to your file
at any point you choose. Word 2010 includes a number of predesigned building blocks,
but the beauty of this tool is that you can create your own and build an extensive custom
library of content. You might, for example, create a building block of content that tells the
story of your company’s founding, shares your mission statement, or introduces a program
or service.
You’ll learn more about building blocks in, “Creating and Using Building Blocks,” on page 230.
Creating a Cover Page
Not all documents need to start with a cover page, but if you’re putting together a
multipage report, designing a manual, or writing a script or proposal, a cover page gives your
reader important information about the document to come. Typically, a cover page includes
the document title, lists the authors of the project, and can include a description, logo, or
creation date.
Most important, the cover page provides the reader with the first impression of your
document. If your cover page is vibrant, with engaging pictures and fonts, the reader will be
expecting a creative, high-energy document. If the cover page is traditional, with standard
fonts and no-nonsense color, the reader will buckle in for some fairly dry (but factual)
exposition. Whatever atmosphere you want to create with your cover page, Word 2010 is likely
to have a sample that will get you halfway there.
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