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Formatting Text As You Go
Figure 7-4 Click in a text box on the cover page and replace the placeholder text with
your own information.
Creating Your Own Cover Page
You can easily create your own custom cover page and then save it to the Cover Page
gallery. On the Insert tab, choose Cover Page then click Save Selection To Cover Page
Gallery, which is at the bottom of the Cover Page Gallery. In the Create New Building
Block dialog box, type a name for the cover page and add a description, if desired.
Click OK to save the cover page to the gallery. The next time you click Cover Page on
the Insert tab, you will see your custom cover page in the gallery of available styles.
Formatting Text As You Go
In the last chapter you learned how to set up your document so some of the basic design
choices—whether to use columns, for example—are already made when you begin
entering text. The themes you choose (covered in Chapter 4, “Templates and Themes for a
Professional Look”) also help add a layer of formatting controls which ensures that the text you
add has a consistent look and feel.
Some of the basic formatting choices you make—for example, should every paragraph
begin with an indent?—you can set up as you begin, and then all the text you add
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