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Formatting Text As You Go
While you’re working in your document, you’ll find that any time you select text, the Mini
Toolbar hovers nearby, offering you a floating palette of formatting commands (see Table
7-1). The Mini Toolbar is designed to be convenient and available but not intrusive: if you
move your mouse away from the Mini Toolbar, it disappears; but if you move your mouse
toward it, it becomes available so that you can choose the tools you want to use (see Figure
Figure 7-6 The Mini Toolbar displays next to selected text and when you right-click text in a
Table 7-1 Tools on the Mini Toolbar
Use to
Change font of selected text
Font Size
Change the size of selected text
Grow Font
Increase font size one step
Shrink Font
Decrease font size one step
Decrease Indent
Reduce the left margin
Increase Indent
Increase the left margin
Apply boldface to selected text
Italicize selected text
Underline selected text
Center selected text
Text Highlight
Apply highlight
Font Color
Change the color of selected text
Format Painter
Copy formatting settings for selected text
I Don’t See a Mini Toolbar
If the Mini Toolbar doesn’t appear automatically when you highlight text in your
document, it’s possible that the feature has been disabled. To display the Mini Toolbar, click
the File tab to display Backstage view, and then select Options. In the Word Options
dialog box, click Show Mini Toolbar on Selection in the General tab, and click OK. The
next time you select text, the Mini Toolbar should appear.
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