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Specifying Fonts and Sizes
As mentioned in Chapter 4, if you want the font to follow the Theme, use the Theme
fonts found in the Theme Fonts section of the Font list. Otherwise, the fonts will not
change if your Theme Fonts change. If viewing the Font dialog box, the Theme fonts
are identified as +Body and +Headings. In the Font list on the Home tab, they are
identified as (Body) and (Headings).
After you choose the font for your text, you might want to select a size. The quickest way to
choose a size for your text is to use the Font Size list, located just to the right of the Font list
in the Font group on the Home tab. The size of the text is measured in points ; but be aware
that the point unit used to define a font size is not the same as the unit of measure used
in the graphics and printing industries. For example, with the unit of measure, 72 points
equals one inch; however, a 72-point letter is not 1 inch tall (depending on the font, it’s
actually a little under three quarters of an inch tall). When you click the Size arrow, you see
a list of all sizes available for the selected font. Simply click the size you want to apply to the
selected text or at the cursor position.
If the text size you want to use isn’t displayed in the Font Size list, you can click in the
Font Size text box and type the specific size you want.
You can enter half-point values in the Font Size text box by using decimal notation (for
example, 10.5), and you can specify sizes as tiny as 1 point and as large as 1,638 points
(which is approximately two feet high). If you type four-digit numbers in the Font Size
text box, don’t include a comma separator—use numbers only.
You can also increase or decrease the size of text in increments by using the Grow Font and
Shrink Font commands, which are in the Font group on the Home tab. Or, you can use the
keyboard shortcuts listed in Table 7-2. When you use the Grow Font or Shrink Font
commands on text that contains mixed font sizes, the font size will grow or shrink relative to its
original size.
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