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Applying Text Attributes
Table 7-2 Keyboard Sho rtcuts for Incrementally Sizing Text
Keyboard Shortcut
Sizing Effect
Enlarges font by 1 point
Reduces font by 1 point
Increases font to the next larger size in the Size list
Decreases font to the next smaller size in the Size list
Applying Text Attributes
In addition to selecting fonts and resizing text, you can apply formatting attributes,
including boldfacing, italics, and underlining. You can also set various underline styles and
underline colors, which are made available by clicking the arrow next to the Underline button,
as shown in Figure 7-8. Table 7-3 shows you the tools you will use to apply basic text
attributes and effects.
Figure 7-8 Word 2010 provides a variety of underline styles and colors that you can now easily
access from the Underline button on the Home tab.
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