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High-End Typography in Word 2010
In Word 2010, Gabriola is an example of an OpenType font that you can use to experiment
with the typography features. And you can search the Web, buy, and download other
OpenType fonts that it your projects. To take advantage of these OpenType features in
your document, follow these steps:
1. Select text that is formatted in an OpenType font.
2. Click the Font group dialog launcher.
3. On the Advanced tab (see Figure 7-9), select OpenType Features, and then enter your
choices for the following settings:
Ligatures Choose from among None (the default), Standard (industry
standard ligatures), Standard and Contextual (which include some contemporary
ligatures selected by designers), and All (which reflects all possible ligatures).
Number Spacing Select from among Default (the default value specified by
each font designer), Proportional (which spaces numbers based on the
character widths), or Tabular, which assigns each number the same width.
Number Forms Choose Lining, which gives all numbers the same height
and depth, or Old-style, which extends the numbers far above and below the
Stylistic Sets Choose any of the available stylistic sets to apply a new look—
perhaps heightened extenders or blockier serifs—to the OpenType text you’ve
4. Select the Use Contextual Alternates check box if you want the letters in the font to
be adjusted based on the context of nearby characters. This feature can smooth the
text where special features have been applied.
5. Preview your changes in the Preview window, and when you’re happy with the look
of the text, click OK to return to your document.
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