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Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
Table 7-4 Text Alignment Options
Home Tab
Aligns text and other elements (such as
graphics and tables) along the left margin,
or paragraph indent, leaving a ragged right
edge. Left alignment is the default setting.
Aligns the midpoint of the selected element
with the center point between the page’s
margins or paragraph indents.
Aligns text and other elements along the
document’s right margin, or paragraph indent,
leaving the left margin ragged.
Creates straight (or lush) left and right edges
by adding white space between words to
force the text to align with the left and right
margins or paragraph indents.
If you want the text in your justified document to be formatted more tightly, click File
to display Backstage view, click Options, then on the Advanced tab, click the Layout
Options and select the Do Full Justification The Way WordPerfect 6.x For Windows
Does check box.
Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
Depending on the nature of the document you create, you might occasionally need to
insert characters and symbols that aren’t normally available on your keyboard. Perhaps
you need to insert a copyright symbol, for example, or add words with accent marks. Word
2010 provides a library of special characters to help you in these circumstances.
Inserting Symbols
The Symbol list and the Symbol dialog box, both found in the Symbols group on the Insert
tab, work together to take care of your symbol and special character needs. The dynamic
Symbol list updates as you use symbols in the list or from the Symbol dialog box; the last
symbol you insert is first in the list. That way, symbols you use frequently are available to
you in the Symbols list.
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