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Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
a copyright symbol, you need to press Alt+Ctrl+C. In some cases, you might need to
type the number and letter combination provided (Unicode hexadecimal value) in the
document followed by Alt+X, or press two separate keyboard shortcuts consecutively.
To assign your own keyboard shortcut or create an AutoCorrect entry for symbols you
commonly use, select the symbol and then click the respective button at the bottom of
the Symbol dialog box.
When you’re inserting symbols from within the Symbol dialog box, keep in mind that you
can insert multiple symbols at one time. Unlike most dialog boxes, the Symbol dialog box
is modeless, which means you can leave the dialog box open and click back into the
document to reposition your cursor for the next insertion.
Inserting Symbols Automatically
In addition to inserting symbols manually and using keyboard shortcuts, Word enables you
to automatically create symbols as you’re typing, without the need to display the Symbol
dialog box. The magic behind this trick is the AutoCorrect feature. When the AutoCorrect
feature is turned on, Word will automatically insert symbols that are included in the built-in
list of AutoCorrect entries when you type their corresponding letters. Table 7-5 lists some of
the symbols you can create using the AutoCorrect feature.
When symbols are inserted automatically, Word 2010 displays the AutoCorrect Options
button beneath the symbol. (If the button doesn’t appear immediately, position the pointer
over the symbol until it appears.) Figure 7-13 shows the AutoCorrect Options available after
you type ==> to insert a bold right arrow symbol.
Figure 7-13 The AutoCorrect Options enable you to control whether automatically generated
symbols should replace typed text.
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