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Inserting Special Characters
Table 7-5 AutoCorrect Symbols
Typed Characters
:) or :-)
:| or :-|
:( or :-(
If an AutoCorrect symbol is inserted but you would prefer to display the text that typed,
simply press the Backspace key once after you type the text. For example, if you want to
display (c) instead of ©, type an opening parenthesis, c, and then a closing parenthesis.
The text changes to the copyright symbol automatically. To revert back to the originally
typed text, press the Backspace key, which will remove the copyright symbol and redisplay
the (c).
If you find yourself repeatedly undoing a symbol Word 2010 inserts automatically, you
can turn off the feature. Click the File tab, click Options to display the Word Options
dialog box, then click AutoCorrect Options in the Proofing category and choose Stop
Automatically Correcting.
Inserting Special Characters
Inserting special characters is similar to inserting symbols. You’ll find the characters you
want to insert on the Special Characters tab in the Symbol dialog box, as shown in Figure
7-14. Most of the special characters are typesetting characters that you use when reining
document text. For example, when you want to prevent a first and last name from
separating and wrapping to the next line, you might insert a nonbreaking space between them, or
if you want to keep a telephone number together, you can use a nonbreaking hyphen.
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