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Creating and Using Building Blocks
You can easily use existing building blocks to add content to your document and then
customize the content to meet the needs of your document. You can also create items you use
regularly—and customize them just the way you want—and then save them to a building
block gallery so that you can use them again later. For example, you might create a
building block that includes your company’s mission statement, or prepare a header and footer
that are used on all standard business reports.
You can take a look at all the building blocks already included in Word 2010 by displaying
the Building Blocks Organizer. On the Insert tab, choose Quick Parts in the Text group, and
click Building Blocks Organizer to display the dialog box (see Figure 7-16).
Figure 7-16 You can use the Building Blocks Organizer to view and modify building blocks.
The built-in building blocks in Word 2010 are stored in a template in your computer’s
Application Data folder. This template is loaded as a global template the first time you
access a gallery or display the Building Blocks Organizer in your current Word session, so
it’s not uncommon to initially experience a slight delay while the building blocks load.
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