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Creating Building Blocks
If you save or modify a building block in Building Blocks.dotx, Normal.dotx (pro-
vided that the Prompt Before Saving Normal Template option is turned on in the
Advanced area of Word Options), or a global template, you are prompted to save
changes to the template when you exit Word. For attached document templates,
you are prompted to save changes to the template on closing the document.
Options Specify whether the building block should be Inserted As Content only at
the location of the cursor (such as an equation), Inserted In Its Own Paragraph (such
as a heading), or Inserted In Its Own Page (inserts a page break before and after the
building block).
Use the Save Selection To Gallery Name gallery found at the bottom of the
various building block galleries to quickly access the Create New Building Block
dialog box and automatically select the corresponding gallery in the dialog box.
Sharing Custom Building Blocks
If you want to share custom building blocks, save them in a template other than
Building Blocks.dotx or Normal.dotm so they can be easily distributed. If you have a set of
company or department building blocks you want to share with a number of people,
you’ll be pleased to know that each person does not need their own personal copy.
Two primary locations are recognized by Word for building block files:
The Document Building Blocks folder. This is used for personal building
blocks and makes building blocks available to all documents. In Windows 7 and
Windows Vista, you’ll find the Building Blocks.dotx here: C:\Users\ user name \
AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks\1033
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