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Modifying Building Block Properties
Your Word Startup folder. This is the best spot for company or workgroup
building blocks. Templates placed in the Word Startup folder automatically load
as a global template when Word starts, and the building blocks are available to
all documents. The location of the Word Startup folder can be determined—or
modified and pointed to in a shared network location—in Word Options at the
bottom of the Advanced area by clicking the File Locations button. The location
of the Word Startup folder can also be set during installation by your network
After the template is placed in the appropriate folder, you need to exit and restart
Word for the templates to load and make the building blocks available.
If the building blocks you create are specific to a certain type of document, save them
in a document template instead of placing them in a file in the Document Building
Blocks or Word Startup folders.
If you add a number of custom building blocks to the Building Blocks template,
remember to back up the template and store your backup copy in a separate location.
Like the Normal.dotm template, the Building Blocks.dotx template could potentially
become corrupt and you could lose your custom building blocks.
Modifying Building Block Properties
You can modify the properties of a building block—including changing the Save In
template setting—by changing the information in the Modify Building Block dialog box (which
looks very similar to the Create New Building Block dialog box, as shown in Figure 7-19).
To modify building block properties, access the Modify Building Block dialog box by taking
either of the following actions:
Right-click a gallery item and choose Edit Properties.
Click Quick Parts on the Insert tab, click Building Blocks Organizer, select the name of
the Building Block in the organizer list, and click the Edit Properties button.
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