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Deleting Building Blocks
After you open the Modify Building Block dialog box, make any desired changes and click
OK to close the dialog box. A message box displays asking whether you want to redefine
the Building Block entry as shown in Figure 7-20. If you click Yes, the changes are effective
Figure 7-20 When you modify a building block entry, you are asked to confirm your modifications.
You can also redefine a building block, such as changing the content or formatting by
simply making your modifications and selecting the content. To do so, on the Insert tab, click
Quick Parts, and then click Save Selection To Quick Parts Gallery, or press Alt+F3. In the
Create New Building Block dialog box, type the same name as the building block that you
want to redefine and make any other necessary changes, such as changing the gallery or
category. After you click OK, click Yes when you are asked to confirm the change.
If you download building blocks from Microsoft Office Online, a template containing
the building blocks is placed in your Document Building Blocks folder. It’s
recommended that you move the downloaded building blocks to Building Blocks.dotx by
editing the properties and changing the Save In location. Otherwise, several templates
will load the first time you access a Building Block gallery or the Building Blocks
Organizer, which might cause an increase in the initial delay. After the building blocks are
moved, you might want to delete the downloaded templates from the Document
Building Blocks folder to keep the file sizes as small as possible.
Deleting Building Blocks
To remove the content created when you insert a building block, simply delete it as you
would any other content. To delete a building block entry from the gallery in which it
appears, select the building block in the Building Blocks Organizer and then click Delete.
A message box appears, asking you to confirm the deletion. If you are sure, click Yes. As
with new building blocks and modifications, you are prompted to save changes to the
template accordingly; this gives you one last chance to change your mind before permanently
deleting a building block from a template.
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