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Creating Catalogs of Content
Creating Catalogs of Content
So as you can see, building blocks provide you with many different ways to save, categorize,
and reuse content that you use regularly in the documents you create. You might create a
building block that reflects a specific format you like for your pull quotes, add a new
building block with a fancy table of contents format, or design a cover page that can be used by
everyone writing proposals in your department.
Depending on the types of documents you create, you can have different types of building
blocks that save you time and trouble as you create new projects. The following list offers
ideas for the types of content you might want to create:
Marketing Materials
Your mission statement
Your company history
Biographies of key staff members
Headers and footers reflecting your company logo colors
Pull quotes showing customer feedback blurbs
Sales Reports
Report introduction
Your mission statement
Basic reporting procedures
Instructions on how to file sales data
Table styles used for sales reporting
Explanation of report elements
Fundraising Materials
Your vision or mission statement
A listing of board members
Quotes from happy donors
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