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What’s Next?
Basically any content you create in Word 2010 can be saved as a building block for
documents you create in the future. Be creative and have fun with the possibilities.
Even if you choose to modify the content after you insert it later, you’ll still save
yourself the time and trouble of creating it from scratch.
What’s Next?
In this chapter you learned about the various ways you can add content to your Word 2010
documents. Whether you want to type the text by hand, copy and paste it from another
document, add objects from other programs, or add it using the ink capabilities of Word
2010, Word’s features give you the flexibility you need to be creative. You can also be smart
about the content you add, and create building blocks to help you standardize the look of
your documents and reduce the amount of effort it takes to create similar projects later on.
The next chapter shows you the ins and outs of finding your place in your growing
document by using the new Navigation Pane in Word 2010.
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