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Finding Content with the Navigation Pane
Each of these techniques gives you a different way to find the content you want in your
Word 2010 document. Once you locate what you’re looking for, you can expand, format,
and edit the text to your heart’s content.
Finding Content with the Navigation Pane
If you’ve used previous versions of Word, you might be familiar with the Document Map.
Using this feature, you could move around in your document by clicking a section heading
or a thumbnail representation of your document pages. The Navigation pane renames and
expands the functionality of the document map by adding a live search feature,
incorporating access to Find and Browse Object commands, and providing a one-stop-shop for all
navigation techniques.
To display the Navigation pane, select the Navigation Pane check box located in the Show
group on the View tab (see Figure 8-1).
Figure 8-1 Display the Navigation pane by selecting the check box in the Show group on the
View tab.
The Navigation pane appears along the left side of the Word window (see Figure 8-2). The
pane offers you three methods to navigate the pages in your document:
Browse the headings in your document. Lists the content you’ve formatted using
the Heading styles and enables you to move to a different part of your document by
clicking the heading of the section you want to display.
Browse the pages in your document. Displays images of individual pages in your
document. You can move directly to the page you want by clicking the image.
Browse the results from your current search. Displays and highlights all places in
your document where the search word or phrase you enter appears. You can move to
the location of the phrase by clicking the entry you want.
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