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Figure 8-4 You can browse by thumbnail images in the Navigation pane.
If you are working with tracked changes turned on, the edits will appear in
secondcolor text when you view thumbnails in the Navigation pane, even if Word is currently
configured to display as Final text in the Display For Review setting on the Review tab.
Using Browse Pages view, you can quickly scan the document to look for things that leap
out at you visually. For example, if you’re wondering whether you used the most current
table in a specific place or you used the right set of data from an Excel worksheet, you can
display thumbnails and move through the document to see whether the information looks
the way you expect it to look.
You can also use Browse Pages to check your layout. If you’ve used too many tables on too
many pages in a row, for example, or you have too many pages of text with no visual break,
such as a picture or chart, you’ll be able to see that by reviewing the pages in the
Navigation pane.
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