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Browse by Search Results
Browse by Search Results
The third tab, Browse The Results From Your Current Search , lists all the places in your
document where the word or phrase you entered in the Search Document box appears. Word
2010 highlights the text everywhere in your document it is found, and the results provide
links you can use to move directly to that spot in the file (see Figure 8-5).
And you’re not limited to searching by phrase, page, or heading—you can click the Search
Document arrow to display a list of additional search choices (see Figure 8-6). You can
search for graphics, tables, equations, or footnotes or endnotes by clicking the item you
want to look for. Word then moves directly to the first occurrence of the item you specify.
The technique for searching for objects in the Navigation pane is similar to the process
you’ll learn about in “Navigating with Browse Object,” which is the subject of the next
Figure 8-5 Use Browse By Search Results to see where in your document specific words or
phrases appear.
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