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Navigating with Browse Object
Figure 8-6 You can display additional choices for the type of content you want to find.
Navigating with Browse Object
You can bypass the Navigation pane, if you choose, and use tools handy in the Word
window to find specific items in your document. The Browse Object feature enables you to
search for specific elements in your document. For example, suppose that you are looking
for a specific footnote and want to see only the footnotes you’ve added so far. You can use
the Browse Object tool to move from footnote to footnote until you find the information
you seek.
You’ll find the Browse Object tool at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar, on the right side
of the Word window. Browse Object includes three buttons: Previous Find/Go To, Select
Browse Object, and Next Find/Go To. When you click Select Browse Object, a gallery of
browse tools appears as shown here:
To use the Browse Object tool to move through your document, follow these steps:
1. Display the Select Browse Object menu by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Home or by clicking
the Select Browse Object button (it has a small round icon) toward the bottom of the
vertical scroll bar.
2. Select the type of object you want to browse for (for example, Browse By Heading).
See Table 8-1 for available options.
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