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Finding Special Characters Using Codes
you specify highlighted or unhighlighted text in the Find What box. For example, choose
Highlight once to find highlighted text, choose Highlight again to indicate that you want
to find text that is not highlighted, and choose Highlight a third time to find all instances of
the search text, regardless of whether highlighting is applied.
You can also control basic character formatting by using keyboard shortcuts. To do so,
click in the Find What box and press keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+B (bold), Ctrl+I
(italic), and Ctrl+U (underline) to toggle among applied, not applied, and neither
(which equates to no formatting) settings.
You can find instances of formatting without entering text in the Find What box. For
example, you could search for highlighted text that isn’t italic in the current document
by clicking in the Find What text box and applying the Format settings without typing any
text. You can, of course, specify text in combination with formatting settings if that’s what
you need to find.
To clear all formatting commands in the Find What box, click the No Formatting button (if
no formatting commands are applied, the Formatting button appears dim). Generally, you’ll
want to clear formatting when you complete one Find operation and are ready to conduct
Finding Special Characters Using Codes
Word further expands your search capabilities by providing special codes that you can use
to find document elements, such as paragraph marks, tab characters, endnote marks, and
so forth. To view the available special characters, click the Special button in the bottom of
the Find and Replace dialog box.
When you choose an option from the Special menu, a code is inserted in the Find What
box. If you’d prefer, you can enter a code directly in the Find What box. Table 8-3 lists some
commonly used special character codes. Notice that some codes can be used only in the
Find what or Replace with box; the Use wildcards option must be turned on or off in certain
Word can’t find floating objects, WordArt, watermarks, or drawing objects. However, if
you change a floating object into an inline object, Word can then find the object.
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