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Creating Bookmarks for Document Navigation
Figure 8-8 You can use the Go To tab in the Find And Replace dialog box to locate specific items
and indicate how many occurrences you want to find.
To use the Go To tab, select a component in the Go To What list box, enter the appropriate
value or parameter in the box to the right, and then click Go To (or click Previous or Next if
no value or parameter is specified). Here are two examples of uses for the Go To feature:
To display a particular page in the document, select Page in the Go To What list box,
type the page number in the Enter Page Number box, and then click Go To.
To display the next bookmark in the document, select Bookmark in the Go To What
list box, select the bookmark name in the list box, and then click Go To.
Creating Bookmarks for Document Navigation
Bookmarks are a great feature if you find that you often need to return to a particular point
in a document. They work in just the way you’d imagine they would—similar to a bookmark
you place between pages in a novel. You can set multiple bookmarks in Word and give
each bookmark a unique name so that you can return to your place (and remember the
topic at hand) easily. Here are the steps for inserting and naming a bookmark:
1. Position the insertion point where you want to insert a bookmark, and then click
Bookmark in the Links group on the Insert tab. The Bookmark dialog box appears, as
you see in Figure 8-9.
In the Bookmark dialog box, type a name for the bookmark then click Add.
Figure 8-9 Create bookmarks to identify places in the document you will return to later.
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