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Displaying and Arranging Windows
Displaying and Arranging Windows
In addition to changing views by using the Zoom tools, you might want to work with
multiple windows as you review and work with different portions of your document. You might,
for example, want to display two sections of the same document in windows side by side so
that you can compare the terminology you used to describe a particular product. You’ll find
the commands for creating and working with document windows in the Window group on
the View tab.
Splitting the Document Window
You can divide your document window in two using the Split tool in the Window group. By
splitting the window, you can compare portions of your document easily, without having to
open two separate copies and switch back and forth between them. Follow these steps to
split the document view:
1. On the View tab, choose Split in the Window group. A gray line appears across the
center of your document.
2. Drag the line to the position on the screen where you want the split to occur.
3. Click the mouse button.
The document is divided into two windows, and the horizontal ruler appears at the
dividing point in the document (see Figure 8-10). To select the pane of the window you want to
navigate, simply click in the document in that portion of the window and edit normally.
You can also split the window easily by using the splitter, which is the dash symbol
located just above the View Ruler button at the top of the vertical scroll bar.
Positioning the pointer over the tool causes the cursor to change to a double-headed arrow.
Click and drag the tool downward; the current window splits and you can navigate
through each pane independently.
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