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Viewing Pages Side by Side
Figure 8-10 You can split one document into two windows to view different sections at the
same time.
By default, the document windows scroll together, which means that if you click in either of
the windows and press Page Up or Page Down, both windows scroll the same way. If you
want to scroll the content in one window while the other remains static, click Synchronous
Scrolling in the Window group to turn the feature off. Now you’ll be able to move the
display in the two windows independently.
To return the split window to a single display, use one of the following methods:
On the View tab, choose Split in the Window group a second time.
Double-click the splitter bar.
Drag the splitter back to its home position.
Viewing Pages Side by Side
Being able to display pages side by side is very helpful when you are working with multiple
documents. Suppose, for example, that you’re referencing a larger document in a short
report you’re writing. You can easily find the text you want to use and insert it at the right
point in your document when you can see both documents open on the screen at the same
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