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Switching Among Multiple Windows
Begin by opening both documents in Word. Then, on the View tab, choose View Side By
Side in the Window group. The Compare Side By Side dialog box appears, providing a list
of open documents. Click the document you want to display beside the current one and
click OK. If you want to scroll the documents independently, click Synchronous Scrolling to
turn the feature off.
When you are ready to return to single document display, click the Window group in one
of the documents and select View Side By Side again. The original document is returned to
your display.
Switching Among Multiple Windows
If you tend to work with many different Word documents at once, you will like the Switch
Windows command in the Window group. You can move among open Word documents
by clicking Switch Windows in the Window group and selecting the document you’d like to
display (see Figure 8-11).
Figure 8-11 Use Switch Windows to move among open Word documents.
This technique is easier than minimizing a window and then looking for the documents you
want as you need them—and it’s more direct than cycling through open documents using
Alt+Tab. Try it—simplicity is good.
Navigating Using Shortcut and Function Keys
If you are an experienced Word user, you probably have a set of shortcut keys you use to
move through documents quickly. Happily, the same shortcut keys that have been available
in the last several versions of the program are still there. Table 8-4 offers a refresher of the
most common keyboard shortcuts and function key combinations.
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