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Using the Mini Translator
When you click the Expand tool, Word 2010 opens the Research task pane, providing
additional information about the translation you’ve selected (see Figure 9-8). Also in the
Research task pane, you can choose to set translation options, translate to a different
language, and choose the references you want to use to find more information.
Figure 9-8 Use the Research task pane to find out more about the text you’re translating.
Get Real-Time Definitions as You Work
If translating text isn’t a big need for you right now, you can still use the Mini
Translator to your advantage. You can use the Mini Translator to display definitions and usage
information from the Encarta Dictionary.
To change the content of the Mini Translator, click Translate in the Language group on
the Review tab. Click Choose Translation Language, and in the Translation Language
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