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Translating Entire Documents
Figure 9-9 You can choose Translate Selected Text to display the Research pane and complete
the translation for text sections.
Translating Entire Documents
If you’re putting together a document that will be shared with colleagues in another
country—or you’ve received a proposal in a different language that you need to translate—you
can use Word’s Translate Document tool to translate the entire document. By default this
service uses the WorldLingo translation tool and shows both versions of the document—
the original language and the translated version you specify—in your browser window.
If you click the link that lets you know translation updates are available, the system will
update to Microsoft Translator, which is a comprehensive online translation tool being
offered by Microsoft.
Caution !
Be aware that when you translate the entire document using WorldLingo, you are
sending the document to an online service. For this reason, avoid sending information
that might be considered confidential in your company and, if you’re in doubt about
the security needed for a specific document, be sure to ask your administrator before
translating the file using this option.
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