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Changing and Adding Translation Services
Begin by opening the document you want to translate. Then on the Review tab, click
Translate in the Language group. Choose Translate Document. (If you want to change the
translation language, click Choose Translation Language before you select Translate Document.)
Word alerts you that in order to complete the translation, your document will be sent to
an online service. Click Send to continue. The document appears in your browser window,
translated into the language you selected (see Figure 9-10).
Figure 9-10 When you translate an entire document, the document is displayed as a Web page,
showing both the original language (on the left) and the translation (on the right).
Changing and Adding Translation Services
When you first install Word 2010, you’ll discover that WorldLingo and Microsoft Translation
are the two translation services that are used to translate words, phrases, and documents as
you work. You can select the translation service the program uses or choose one that is not
listed by default. This means you can add custom services or even create your own
dictionary or online translation utility to meet your particular document translation needs. You can
customize the translation services in all core Office 2010 applications.
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