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Using Bidirectional Text
currently being used by your version of Word. At the bottom of the dialog box, click Add
Services (see Figure 9-13).
In the Add Services dialog box, click in the Address box and type the Web address of the
service you’d like to use. This could be another subscription translation service available
online or a service you’ve created and posted on your company intranet.
Click Add to include the service in the list of providers available in the Translation Options
dialog box. Now you will be able to choose the new service from the list when you make
translation choices for language pairs. When you choose a language by using Choose
Translation Language in the Translate list, Word will automatically use the service you’ve
assigned to the language pair you want to translate.
Figure 9-13 You can add your favorite translation service to the list by clicking Add Services.
Using Bidirectional Text
As you begin to expand the number of languages you use to relate with clients and
colleagues around the world, it is likely that at some point you’ll need to explore working with
bidirectional text. A number of languages—most notably, Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew—
begin writing at the right side of the page and move to the left. This is known as RTL (right-
to-left); languages like English are known as LTR (left-to-right).
When you are creating a document that includes both RTL and LTR text, you need to be
able to make choices about the direction of the text. When you install Arabic, Persian, or
Hebrew in Word 2010, additional bidirectional features become available that you can use
to control the way the text is displayed in the document. Here are some of the features you
might want to change if you work with bidirectional text:
Change paragraph low. New tools appear in the Paragraph group on the Home
tab, with which you can change the direction of paragraph text. The tools appear as
paragraph marks with small arrows, indicating text direction.
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