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Specifying Document Grid Settings
Specifying Document Grid Settings
The Document Grid tab is where you control the text low, number of columns, number
of characters per line, character pitch (which is the spacing between characters), number of
lines per page, and line pitch. To use the Document Grid features, follow these steps:
1. On the Page Layout tab, click the Page Setup dialog launcher to open the Page Setup
dialog box, and then select the Document Grid tab.
If you want the text to be shown vertically (appearing top to bottom as you type), in
the Text Flow area, click Vertical. Otherwise, for traditional right-to-left text display,
leave Horizontal selected.
You can enter a number of columns in the Columns box if you are working with a
multicolumn document. Notice that the Preview image adjusts to display your page
setup settings while you work.
3. To turn on the Grid feature, select one of the following options:
Specify Line Grid Only Makes only the settings in the Lines area on the
Document Grid tab available so that you can choose the amount of space between
lines (by selecting the number of lines you want to appear on the page) and
the pitch, or spacing, between lines.
Specify Line And Character Grid Makes all settings in both Character and
Lines areas available. This setting enables you to choose both the number of
characters per line and the number of lines per page. You can also choose the
pitch of both characters and lines.
Text Snaps To Character Grid Disables the Pitch settings and gives you the
means to choose the number of characters per line and lines per page.
4. Click the Apply To arrow, choose the option that specifies the portion of the
document to which you want to apply the grid, and then click OK.
If you changed the text direction on the Document Grid tab for the entire document, Word
automatically updates any existing content after you click OK. If you retained the original
text direction prior to the cursor and applied the This Point Forward setting, Word applies
the grid effects for existing and new content from the point of the cursor’s location
forward. If necessary, Word begins a new page to separate content with different formats.
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