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Displaying the Drawing Grid
Displaying the Drawing Grid
You can display the drawing grid on your page to help you align objects and text,
regardless of your language settings. To toggle the display of gridlines, simply navigate to the
View tab and, in the Show group, click Gridlines.
If you installed support for East Asian languages, click the Drawing Grid button on the
Document Grid tab in the Page Setup dialog box to access the drawing grid settings. Or on
the Page Layout tab, in the Arrange group, click Align then click Grid Settings. Figure 9-15
displays the Drawing Grid dialog box.
Figure 9-15 You can customize the display of the document grid by modifying the Drawing Grid
dialog box settings.
You must be working in Print Layout view to see the document grid. It is not visible in
any other view.
Working with Other Translation Tools
Because of our growing global economy and the reach of the World Wide Web,
translation tools are more in demand than ever, and this means that new tools are being
developed all the time. When you are working with others who are translating to English, they
can use the Microsoft Research ESL Assistant to ensure that their English translation is as
accurate and understandable as possible. You’ll find Microsoft Research ESL Assistant at (see Figure 9-16). The service looks for common translation mistakes
(such as pronouns and prepositions) and suggests corrections.
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