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Spell It Right!
Grammar Checker Evaluates your written text to ensure that it is grammatically
correct and identifies stylistic or usage problems. You can also use the grammar
checker to assess the readability of your document.
Thesaurus Provides a list of synonyms and antonyms of selected words in your
document so that you can vary your word choice and enhance reader interest and
the readability of your content.
AutoCorrect Automatically corrects typos as you enter new content. You can teach
AutoCorrect how to work with your particular style, so you can also use it as a
shorthand method for entering repeat phrases.
Other Checks Worth Doing
I n this chapter you learn about various tools you can use to make sure your content
is as accurate as you can make it, but there are other checks you’ll want to do before
you share your document with others. After you use the editing and proofing tools
described in this chapter, you’ll want to you use the following quality-control tools to
ensure that your document is in good enough shape to share:
Inspect Document This evaluates your content to verify that it doesn’t contain
any personal or sensitive information
Check Accessibility Assesses your file to make sure that people with differing
ability levels will be able to read, hear, and understand what you’ve included
Check Compatibility This tool tests the document to ensure that others who
might be using previous versions of Word will be able to open and view it
To find out more about these types of quality-control checks, see Chapter 20, “Securing
Your Word Documents.”
Spell It Right!
It’s unfortunate that a tiny, easy-to-make mistake like a simple typo can have such an
impact on the overall impression your document makes; but it’s a fact of life in the business
world. If you want to hold on to your credibility with respect to the documents you share
with others, spell things right.
Word has always had a spell check tool, and in each version of the program, the spelling
checker becomes more powerful and more flexible. In Word 2010 you can easily choose
the language for the dictionary you use, and you can create and add custom dictionaries
so that you are always using the most recent, approved terminology for your particular
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