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Looking at Error Notifications
If you do not see the Proofing Status indicator in the status bar, right-click the status
bar to display the Customizable Status Bar list. Select Spelling And Grammar Check to
turn on the display.
Fixing Flagged Errors Quickly, Case by Case
After Word marks potential proofing errors, you can resolve each issue on a case-by-case
basis. To access options for fixing a potential error, you can right-click text that has a wavy
underline or click Proofing Status in the status bar to select the next instance of a potential
error. Both techniques display a shortcut menu containing error-fixing options. Different
options are available depending on whether the potential error is a spelling issue, a
grammar issue, or a contextual spelling issue. The shortcut menu for a contextual spelling issue is
shown in Figure 10-2.
Figure 10-2 When an error is found, Word provides a suggestion and offers other options for
further research.
Based on the type of error Word lags and whether or not you think the word is used
incorrectly, you can choose from among a number of possible responses displayed at the top of
the context menu. Depending on whether you want to correct the word, ignore it, choose a
different language, or look up the word online, Word provides you with a context menu of
choices. Table 10-1 lists the different options you have for working with the potential error.
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