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Looking at Error Notifications
If Word lags a spelling error, the AutoCorrect option will also appear in the contextual
menu. When you click AutoCorrect, a list of possible spellings appears. You can click one
of the displayed words to replace the lagged word with the correct one (see Figure 10-3).
Figure 10-3 You can select the correct spelling for a word in the AutoCorrect menu, and if you
make the same mistake in the future, it will be automatically replaced with the correctly spelled
Caution !
To create a case-insensitive AutoCorrect entry, the replace characters must be
lowercase. If the entry you wish to add contains uppercase characters, you must manually
create the AutoCorrect entry. Otherwise, the case must be identical in order for it to be
You can also resolve spelling and grammar issues by correcting your text without
accessing the shortcut menus. When you manually correct a proofing error, Word automatically
removes the wavy underline.
To use the keyboard to jump to the next proofing error, press Alt+F7.
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