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Controlling Proofing Display and Exceptions
Caution !
If the document is still in the editing stages and will be edited by others, selecting Hide
Spelling Errors In This Document Only and Hide Grammar Errors In This Document
Only could result in documents that contain legitimate proofing errors. Many Word
users have grown accustomed to Word automatically proofing their documents as they
type. If they are not familiar with the proofing options—and if they do not see the red,
green, or blue wavy lines—then proofing errors can be inadvertently overlooked.
Mark As Final You can find this option on the File tab by clicking Protect
Document on the Info tab. When a document is marked as final, it cannot be edited, and
proofing errors are suppressed from view. It’s recommended that this option be used
when working in a collaborative environment to let others know the document has
been finalized. Note that Mark As Final is not intended to be used for document
security because other users can turn off this option and edit the document.
Additionally, proofing errors will return to view when Mark As Final is turned off.
Do Not Check Spelling Or Grammar To display this option, on the Review tab,
click Language to select Set Proofing Language. You can select the Do Not Check
Spelling Or Grammar check box to turn off the spelling and grammar checker. You
might want to reserve this option for those times when you want to suppress
proofing in only portions of a document, as opposed to the entire document, such as for
blocks of programming code or medical terminology.
Even though the spelling and grammar tools in Word are effective and helpful, they
shouldn’t replace proofreading by a real person. These features can’t deinitively
correct your text in all instances. Instead of thinking of the spelling and grammar
checking tools as a teacher correcting your work, visualize an assistant who taps you on the
shoulder whenever your text seems to go astray and then offers advice on how to ix
the problem. Ultimately, you’ll need to read through your document carefully to ensure
its accuracy.
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