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Configuring Spelling and Grammar Options
Spelling Option
Ignore Internet And File
By default, the spelling checker ignores Internet addresses,
file path names, and e-mail addresses. For example, text such
as C:\clients\microsoft and is
automatically ignored by the spelling checker. If you prefer to check
these types of elements, clear the Ignore Internet And File
Addresses check box.
Flag Repeated Words
Ignores repeated words. For example, if you select this
option, the spelling checker does not lag Walla Walla as a
mistake. (Interestingly, if you use WallaWalla , it is lagged as
a spelling error and the proposed suggestion is Walla Walla .
Keep in mind that you are your own best proofreader.)
Enforce Accented Uppercase
In French
Used with the French (Canada) proofing language. French
words that contain uppercase letters that are missing an
accent mark are identified.
Suggest From Main
Dictionary Only
Word checks all open dictionaries during its spelling check,
including the main dictionary and your custom dictionaries.
Use this option if you prefer to use only the main dictionary.
French Modes
Used with the French language. Enables spelling rules that
predate the French Academy of Language spelling reform
of 1990 and those that are recommended by the spelling
Spanish Modes
Used with the Spanish language. Enables you to choose the
verb forms you want to use in Spanish translations.
Check Spelling as You Type
Turns on the spell check feature so that Word lags
potentially misspelled words as you add content.
Use Contextual Spelling
Enables the contextual spelling check so that Word evaluates
context when lagging unrecognized words.
Mark Grammar Errors As
You Type
Turns on the grammar checker so that potential grammar
problems are lagged as you enter content.
Show Readability Statistics
Evaluates and displays the readability of the document.
Writing Style
Enables you to choose whether to check grammar only or
the grammar and style of your document. Click Settings to
indicate what you want Word to check.
The Recheck Document button under the heading, When Correcting Spelling And
Grammar In Word, gives you the opportunity to recheck a document for words and
grammar you previously chose to ignore. This feature is also useful for rechecking a
document after you’ve modified your spelling options.
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