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Configuring Spelling and Grammar Options
Setting Grammar Rules
You can easily change the rules used when Word checks the grammar in your document.
For example, you might want to use passive voice or start a sentence with And . You might
also want Word to check for punctuation errors, such as two spaces after a period.
According to the Chicago Manual of Style, typing two spaces between sentences when
using a word processing program is no longer necessary.
You can specify your preferred grammar settings in Word Options by using the following
1. On the File tab, click Options, click Proofing, and then specify whether you want
the grammar checker to check grammar only or grammar and style by selecting the
appropriate option in the Writing Style list.
2. Click Settings. The Grammar Settings dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 10-6.
Figure 10-6 You can choose which grammar and style rules you want Word to use when
it searches for potential grammatical errors.
3. Click the arrow in the Require area to instruct Word whether to check for the
potential errors.
4. Select or clear the check boxes in the Grammar area to specify whether Word checks
each of the characteristics in the document.
5. Scroll down the list and set the Style characteristics you want Word to check, and
then click OK to save your changes.
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