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Managing Custom Dictionaries
Grammar Only is the default setting. Grammar Style—such as passive voice or
starting a sentence with a conjunction (for example, starting a sentence with And )—is not
checked by default.
An important aspect to keep in mind is that the grammar settings are application specific;
this means they are not stored in the document and the rules will apply to all documents. If
you are sharing your documents with others, and if they do not use the same settings, they
might see different grammatical errors when they view the document.
When viewing the Grammar Settings dialog box, click the Help button (?) to quickly
display Help content that provides brief descriptions of the grammar and writing style
options found in the dialog box.
Managing Custom Dictionaries
When you install Word, you also install a main dictionary. The spelling checker uses the
main dictionary whenever it checks your document for spelling errors. However, you can
also add words to your custom dictionary or add existing dictionaries to the list of
dictionaries Word uses to check documents.
When you click Add To Dictionary in the Spelling And Grammar dialog box, Word adds the
selected term to your custom dictionary. After you add terms to your custom dictionary,
Word checks both the main dictionary and your custom dictionary (named CUSTOM.DIC by
default) whenever you run the spelling checker. You can also edit and delete terms in your
custom dictionary as well as create additional custom dictionaries that you can use
whenever necessary.
Modifying Custom Dictionaries
As mentioned, you can add terms to your default custom dictionary by clicking Add To
Dictionary in the Spelling And Grammar dialog box. You can also add terms to your custom
dictionary by right-clicking words that are lagged by a red wavy underline and choosing
Add To Dictionary from the shortcut menu. Because adding terms to the custom
dictionary is so easy, words that shouldn’t be included, such as words or abbreviations that should
be ignored in one document but might be incorrect in other documents might need to be
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