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Managing Custom Dictionaries
After you create a new dictionary, it is added to the Dictionary List in the Custom
Dictionaries dialog box and its check box is selected. When the spelling checker runs, it refers to the
main dictionary and all custom dictionaries that are selected in the Dictionary List.
When you want to use your custom dictionaries, make sure that the Suggest From
Main Dictionary Only option is cleared (the default setting) in the Proofing section of
Word Options. If this check box is selected, Word won’t refer to your custom
dictionaries when the spelling checker is started.
To add terms to a new custom dictionary, select the dictionary in the Custom Dictionaries
dialog box, click Edit Word List, and then manually enter terms. You can also add terms to
the dictionary as you work, as described in the section titled “Choosing a Default
Dictionary,” on page 305.
Adding Custom Dictionaries
Most of the time, you’ll either use the CUSTOM.DIC dictionary or create a new custom
dictionary. However, you can also add existing dictionaries to the Dictionary List in the Custom
Dictionaries dialog box. For example, if you have Stedman’s Medical Dictionary on your
computer, you can add it to the list of custom dictionaries. Adding an existing dictionary is
similar to creating a new custom dictionary. To do so, follow these steps:
1. Display Word Options and the Proofing options. (Alternatively, click the Options
button in the Spelling And Grammar dialog box.) Then click the Custom Dictionaries
In the Custom Dictionaries dialog box, click Add to display the Add Custom
Dictionary dialog box, which looks almost identical to the Create Custom Dictionaries
dialog box.
3. Navigate to the desired dictionary file (you might need to consult your documentation
for the custom dictionary to determine the location) and double-click the dictionary’s
file name.
The dictionary will appear in the Dictionary List, and its check box will be selected.
By default, custom dictionaries are stored in the folder C:\Users\ user name \AppData\
Roaming\Microsoft\UProof. If you have a custom dictionary file (with a .dic extension), you
can store the file in the UProof folder. You can then access it from the Custom Dictionaries
dialog box.
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