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AutoCorrecting Your Document
Figure 10-9 The Readability Statistics dialog box shows readability levels in addition to
other details such as word count and average words per sentence.
AutoCorrecting Your Document
AutoCorrect is a helpful Word feature that corrects your errors—almost before you know
you’ve made them. AutoCorrect comes with a library of more than one thousand different
AutoCorrect entries that is shared across the family of Office 2010 applications, and you can
train it to learn new corrections as you work. For example, if you type yuor when you mean
to type your , AutoCorrect automatically reverses the characters in words that it recognizes
without any further action from you. You can also use the AutoCorrect functionality as a
shorthand method to quickly insert common text and phrases.
AutoCorrect options can be found in Word Options in the Proofing section by clicking
the AutoCorrect Options button or by pressing Alt+T+A. The AutoCorrect tab of the
AutoCorrect dialog box is shown in Figure 10-10; a description of the options is contained in
Table 10-3. All AutoCorrect options are turned on by default, so you should turn off any
unwanted options to prevent the correction from occurring while you work.
Figure 10-10 Use the AutoCorrect Options dialog box to specify which items you want corrected
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