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Controlling AutoCorrect Changes
To use the Formatted Text option, you need to select the formatted data in a document
and then display the AutoCorrect dialog box. However, depending on the formatting,
you might want to create a building block instead.
Formatted AutoCorrect entries (rich text entries) are not shared with other Office 2010
programs; they are stored in your Normal template.
Replacing and Deleting AutoCorrect Entries
You can edit AutoCorrect entries in the AutoCorrect dialog box by modifying the text in the
With text box. The button beneath the list then changes from Add to Replace. When you
use the Replace button, Word displays a message box asking you to confirm the action.
You can delete entries in a similar way. Display the AutoCorrect dialog box and, on the
AutoCorrect tab, scroll or type the first few characters of the entry in the Replace text box
to quickly navigate to the entry. Select the desired entry and click the Delete button. Unlike
replacing entries, Word does not display a confirmation for deleting AutoCorrect entries. If
the deletion is accidental, you can immediately click the Add button to add the entry back.
Entering Exceptions
Although AutoCorrect is extremely helpful, there are times when you might not want it
interfering with what you’re trying to do. For example, you might be typing a document
full of chemical compounds or creating a list of access codes for the new server. You don’t
want AutoCorrect to get in there and change the capitalization while you type. In this case,
you have two options: you can disable AutoCorrect while you’re working on the document,
or you can create an exception to specify what you don’t want AutoCorrect to change. To
add an exception, display the AutoCorrect dialog box, click the Exception button, and add
your exception to the respective tab in the AutoCorrect Exceptions dialog box, as shown in
Figure 10-12.
Figure 10-12 You can use exceptions to prevent AutoCorrect from making specific corrections.
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