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Adding References in Word 2010
Know Your References
H ere’s a quick list of the various items you can create using the commands on the
References tab:
Footnotes You can add, edit, and manage footnotes by using the Footnotes
group. A footnote is a note displayed at the bottom of the printed or displayed
page that adds to the information in the text. For example, you might add a
footnote citing a resource for a quotation or providing some background
information about a statistic you’ve included.
Endnotes You can add an endnote by clicking Insert Endnote in the Footnotes
group. An endnote is a note placed at the end of a chapter, article, report, or
essay. Similar to a footnote, the item might provide additional information, a
resource citation, or a Web link for further study.
Citations Use the Citations & Bibliography group when you want to refer to
print or electronic documents as sources in your work. A citation is typically a
quoted or referenced selection from a source and it may or may not reference
specific page ranges. When you use Insert Citation to create a reference, you can
choose from a source list you’ve already created. This helps you keep references
consistent throughout the document and add them easily to your document as
you write.
Sources A source can be almost anything—book, article, conference
presentation, Web site, audio recording, TV show or report—that you are using as a
source of information for the document you are creating. You add and manage
your sources by clicking Manage Sources in the Citations & Bibliography group.
Bibliography After you have inserted all the references you need in your
document, you can easily create a bibliography by choosing Bibliography in the
Citations & Bibliography group. A bibliography provides a listing of all cited sources.
(For more information, see the section titled “Generating a Bibliography,” on
page 319.)
Other items on the References tab are beyond the scope of this chapter. See Chapter
23, “Preparing Tables of Contents and Indexes,” for details about creating a table of
contents and an index; see Chapters 16 and 17 to find out about adding pictures and
diagrams to your pages.
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