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Referencing in Style
Referencing in Style
One of the first choices you’ll make as you prepare to add references to your document
involves selecting the bibliography style you want to use. The bibliography style controls
the way in which citations are listed (for example, name first or title first) and which
information items are included in the reference.
To choose the style for your document, on the References tab, click the arrow in the Style
setting in the Citations & Bibliography group. A list of styles appears, as shown in Figure
10-14 from which you can select the one you want to use. The most common styles are
APA, Chicago, and MLA. The Turabian style is often used in academic settings.
Figure 10-14 The style determines the way in which your references are displayed.
When you add sources to your document, the style you select determines the types of
information you enter for each source. You’ll learn more about this in the next section.
Adding and Managing Sources
To add a source, follow these steps:
1. On the References tab, select Manage Sources in the Citations & Bibliography group.
In the Source Manager dialog box, click New.
In the Create Source dialog box, click the Type Of Source arrow and choose the type
of item you’re referencing (see Figure 10-15).
The fields shown in the dialog box might change depending on the type of item you
select. For example, when you choose Article In A Periodical, Periodical Title, Month,
Day, and Pages fields are added to the list.
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